Sound Editorial/Dialogue Editing

We understand that you may have an amazing music score and mesmerizing sound effects but if you can’t make out the dialogue then it’s all a waste of time. Dialogue is the most important part of your film and we treat it as such. Our engineers clean and prepare your dialogue track so that it is both smooth and clear, allowing the delivery and performance to shine.

Audio Restoration

With a range of high end processing tools at our disposal and the knowledge of what to use to achieve dramatically enhanced results. The JBM team is adept at restoring old music recordings or cleaning up compromised dialogue. With patience and care we use our knowledge and skills to resurrect material that would previously have been lost. We also offer a full range of sound editorial services whether it be conforming and syncing your production sound or M&E and International re-versioning. JBM has the ability to cater for all your audio post needs.

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