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JBM Sound Post is a renowned Dolby purpose-built studio, providing award-winning sound to picture.
Established in 2005 in London JBM moved to Dubai in 2006, primarily to set up the Audio and Post Production for Mohammed Saeed Harib’s hugely popular Emirati Animated TV Series FREEJ.
JBM Sound Post has been involved in Facilitating ADR, Sound Design and Final Mix for International Productions from Hollywood to Bollywood. However, they are also committed to supporting the local film industry as well as emerging and established filmmakers.

JBM Sound Post is also a top end Recording Studio able to produce music and artists of all genres. Whether its a one-off the song, an entire album or an orchestral composition the studio team can facilitate all production and recording requirements.

JBM Sound Post continues to provide audio production and post-production, at the highest level to filmmakers and composers from all over the world.

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